How Much Caffeine in Califia Cold Brew

califia cold brew caffeine

Califia Farms is a behemoth in the food and drink industry. What started out as a company producing alternatives to dairy milk, has fast gone on to become one of the biggest names in the world of ready to drink beverages.

As well as their plant-based milks, Califia has extensive coffee offerings with everything from triple shot espresso to nitro lattes on their list of products. In this article, we’re going to focus on their cold brews – and specifically, the amount of caffeine in Califia cold brew.

Whether you’re a fan of their drinks, or just curious about the Califia cold brew caffeine content, read on to discover the facts.

Califia Cold Brew Caffeine

Califia Farms produces a wide range of coffee products, including both multi-serve and single-serve bottles. These come in a multitude of styles and flavors to suit all tastes. They also offer specialty seasonal flavors around Halloween, Christmas and other big holidays.

Caffeine in Califia Coffee Single Serve Bottles

To look at how much caffeine is in Califia cold brew, we first need to look at the flavor and serving size. The amount of caffeine varies greatly from flavor to flavor. The total amount found in their single serve ready-to-drink bottles is below.

Beverage Size Caffeine per Serving
Mocha with Almondmilk 10.5 oz 110mg
Salted Caramel with Almondmilk 10.5 oz 80mg
XX Espresso with Almondmilk 10.5 oz 150mg

Caffeine in Califia Coffee Multi-Serve Bottles

Their multi-serve bottles come in even more flavors. Alongside this is their jewel in the crown for those in search of highly caffeinated cold brew – the Califia cold brew concentrate has 180mg of caffeine in every 4 oz serving.

Beverage Size Caffeine per Serving
Caramel Latte 48 oz 60mg per 12oz
Cold Brew Concentrate 32 oz 180mg per 4oz
Pure Black Blonde Roast 48 oz 250mg
Pure Black Medium Roast 48 oz 250mg
Pure Black Medium Roast 32 oz 250mg
Peppermint Mocha Latte (Seasonal) 48 oz 50mg per 8oz
Pumpkin Spice Latte (Seasonal) 48 oz 20mg per 8oz
Vanilla Latte 48 oz 60mg
XX Espresso with Almondmilk 48 oz 90mg per 8oz

Caffeine in Califia Nitro Cold Brew

Califia Nitro cold brew comes in 4 flavors. Each one is sold in a 7 oz (210 ml) can and contains the same amount of caffeine as a single shot of espresso. Califia’s Nitro cold brew latte is made from premium Oatmilk using proprietary widget technology to create a smooth, velvety texture. It is unsweetened, gluten-free, dairy-free, and free of GMOs, carrageenans, BPA, gums and stabilizers. Through Direct Trade coffee, farmers get better prices and customers get better coffee. The Nitro Oatmilk Latte is shelf stable and comes in 4 flavors:

Califia Nitro Cold Brew Flavor Caffeine Content (mg) per 7 oz Serving
XX Espresso* 63
Black & White 63
Mocha 63
Salted Caramel 63

Califia Nitro Cold Brew with Almondmilk was also available at one point in time. However, these were discontinued (1).

* It is important to note that the labeling of some of the Califia coffee drinks is somewhat disingenuous. To illustrate the point, the names “espresso” and “full shot” are extremely misleading, as they suggest the use of espresso as an ingredient in the drinks.

Cold brew espresso is a misnomer as it’s a drink that doesn’t exist.

However, these products are actually made using cold brew; while they are both coffee-based drinks, they are 2 extremely different things.

Califia Coffee Caffeine vs Starbucks and Other Brands

With so many different cold brews to choose from, it’s no surprise that the caffeine levels vary drastically from drink to drink and from brand to brand. The caffeine content of Stok cold brew illustrates the point perfectly, with their drinks containing anywhere from 40mg to 195mg per serving. Here’s a look at how Califia coffee shapes up against some of the other big players in the cold brew space.

Cold Brew Drink Caffeine (mg) Standard Serving Size (fl oz) Caffeine per oz
Califia XX Espresso with Almondmilk 10.5 150 14.3
Califia Nitro Cold Brew 7 63 9
Starbucks Cold Brew 205 16 12.8125
Chameleon Cold Brew 230 10 23.0
Stumptown Cold Brew 180 12 15.0
Wandering Bear Cold Brew 150 12 12.5
Stok Cold Brew 195 12 16.25
Bizzy Cold Brew 180 12 15.0
Chobani Cold Brew 125 8 15.625

About Califia Coffee

Califia Farms is an American food and beverage company based in California. Founded in 2010, their mission is to craft delicious plant-based products that are not only good for you but also good for the planet. With a wide range of cold brews, dairy-free milks, coffee creamers and other plant-based beverages, Califia has become one of the biggest names in the industry. Their coffees are sustainably sourced from Direct Trade partners around the world, ensuring that farmers get better prices and customers get better coffee. Whether it’s a single serve bottle of cold brew or a multi-serve concentrate, Califia has something for everyone!

The name “Califia” was inspired by the mythical Queen Califia, a powerful female figure from Spanish folklore who was said to have ruled over an island of women warriors. The company chose this name as a symbol of their commitment to empowering those around them and creating a better world through sustainable practices and plant-based products. The US state of California is also named after Queen Califia.

Something for Everyone

To sum up, the caffeine content in Califia cold brew depends largely on which product you choose. While their single-serve bottles come in at a lower range, their multi-serve bottles and Nitro cold brew range from moderate to high. Whatever your preference, Califia has a cold brew for everyone. So grab your favorite flavor and enjoy!


How much caffeine is in Califia Mocha cold brew?

Califia Mocha cold brew has 110mg of caffeine per 10.5 oz serving. This is the equivalent of 10.5 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce. Their seasonal drink, Califia peppermint mocha, has 50mg of caffeine in each 8 oz serving.

How much caffeine is in Califia cold brew with almond milk?

Califia cold brew with almond milk contains 150 mg of caffeine per 10.5 oz serving. This is for the XX espresso flavor. Califia Salted Caramel with almond milk has 80mg of caffeine and mocha with almondmilk has 110mg of caffeine per 10.5 oz serving.

Does Califia cold brew have a lot of caffeine?

Califia cold brew does not have a lot of caffeine. Starbucks Cold Brew and Chameleon cold brew contain more than double the amount of caffeine per ounce. Therefore, Califia cold brew is relatively low in caffeine compared to other brands.

How Much Caffeine in Califia Cold Brew

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