How Much Caffeine in Chobani Cold Brew

chobani cold brew

Caffeine is a staple in many of our daily routines, and for coffee lovers, finding the perfect pick-me-up is crucial. Chobani, known for their delicious Greek yogurt and oat milk products, has recently entered the ready-to-drink coffee market with their new line of cold brews. But just how much caffeine can you expect in each sip?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the caffeine content in Chobani coffee cold brew and how it compares to a traditional cup of coffee. We’ll also look at the history of Chobani coffee, how their caffeine content compares to other cold brews and the various flavors you can find in stores.

Chobani Coffee Caffeine Content

The precise amount of caffeine in Chobani coffee comes down to the flavor. There is 125mg of caffeine in Chobani pure black cold brew. In their products that contain milk and plant based creamers, there is 85mg of caffeine per serving. A standard serving size of Chobani is 8oz. Each of their cold brew bottles is 32 oz – the equivalent of 4 servings.

Chobani Coffee Flavor Caffeine (mg)
Pure Black Cold Brew 125
Cold Brew with Sweet Cream 85
Cold Brew with Vanilla Creamer 85
Cold Brew with Oatmilk 85

Chobani Cold Brew Flavors

Chobani cold brew comes in 4 main flavors. They also release seasonal beverages that are available for limited periods of time throughout the year.

  • Pure Black Cold Brew
  • Cold Brew with Sweet Cream
  • Cold Brew with Vanilla Creamer
  • Cold Brew with Oatmilk
  • Cold Brew with Pumpkin Spice Creamer (Seasonal)
  • Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew (Seasonal)

Chobani Coffee Caffeine Vs Popular Cold Brew Brands

The table below shows the caffeine content of various cold brew coffee products, including Chobani Cold Brew. The caffeine content is measured in milligrams. The third column highlights the amount of caffeine in a regular serving size. In the 4th column, we’ve also calculated the amount in 12 oz of every drink to give a better demonstration of the true strength of each.

According to the data, Chobani Cold Brew contains 125mg of caffeine per serving. As you can see, when compared to other cold brew drinks, the Chobani Coffee caffeine content is on a par with big names such as Stok and Bizzy. It is significantly higher than Starbucks but pales in comparison to caffeine-focused drinks like Chameleon.

Cold Brew Drink Standard Serving Size Caffeine Content (mg) Caffeine per 12 oz Serving
Chobani Cold Brew 8 fl oz 125 187.5
Starbucks Cold Brew 16 fl oz 205 153.75
Chameleon Cold Brew 10 fl oz 230 276
Stok Cold Brew 12 fl oz 195 195
Bizzy Cold Brew 12 fl oz 180 180

Where to Buy Chobani Cold Brew

Chobani Cold Brew can be bought at most major retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, and Whole Foods. It is also available at the majority of online retail outlets.

History of Chobani Cold Brew

In 2021, Chobani, who were best-known for their Greek yogurts, oat milks, probiotic drinks, and dairy and plant based creamers, launched Chobani cold brew (1), a line of ready-to-drink coffees that are crafted with single origin Arabica beans and feature Chobani’s oat milks and dairy creamers.

The launch came after Chobani successfully expanded into new product categories and grew its oat milk and creamer business triple digits while its Greek yogurt business continued to grow by double-digits. Chobani’s cold brew coffee line was formulated to address the large and growing $1.6 billion ready-to-drink coffee category and offered four new flavors: Cold Brew Pure Black (no sugar, no dairy); Cold Brew with Sweet Creamer and Cold Brew with Vanilla (each made from farm-fresh milk); and Cold Brew with Oatmilk (made with gluten-free oats). The cold brew coffees are made with only natural ingredients and are widely recyclable.


How much caffeine is in Chobani cold brew vanilla?

There is 85mg of caffeine in Chobani Cold Brew Vanilla per 8oz serving. This is the same across all the Chobani cold brew range that contain dairy milk and plant based alternatives. The pure black flavor has more caffeine at 125mg per serving.

Does Chobani cold brew have caffeine in it?

Chobani cold brew has caffeine in it. There is 125mg in Chobani pure black cold brew. The oatmilk, sweet cream and vanilla creamer flavors of Chobani coffee each have 85mg of caffeine in a 12 ounce cup.

How do you use Chobani cold brew?

You use Chobani cold brew as a straight up cold coffee drink or it can be used as the basis of cold brew recipes. It is most commonly used as a refreshing coffee drink to be enjoyed on a hot day, but can be used in any way you prefer.

How Much Caffeine in Chobani Cold Brew

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