Caffeine in Coffee Drinks

Ever wondered how much caffeine is in coffee? If so the HowMuchCaffeine database has what you need. We’re building out the biggest online database of coffee caffeine content.

We plan to cover the total amount of caffeine found in every type of coffee on the planet.

To get you started, here is the caffeine content of the most popular coffee beverages that are drunk around the world. This table is just the beginning.

Caffeine in Coffee Beverages

Coffee Drink Caffeine Content (mg per cup)
Cappuccino 75-150 mg/cup
Espresso 63 mg/shot
Latte 75-150mg/cup
Caffè mocha 50-75mg/cup
Affogato 120-150 mg/cup
Caffè macchiato 50-75 mg/cup
Caffè americano 60-120 mg/cup
Cortado 60-90 mg/cup
Iced coffee 60-120 mg/cup
Frappé coffee 60-120 mg/cup
Turkish coffee 60-120 mg/cup
Cold brew coffee 60-120 mg/cup
Ristretto 60-90 mg/cup
Café au lait 60-120 mg/cup
Carajillo 60-90 mg/cup
Vietnamese iced coffee 60-120 mg/cup
Lungo 60-90 mg/cup
Doppio 60-90 mg/cup
Menengiç coffee 60-90 mg/cup
Cuban espresso 60-90 mg/cup
Café de olla 60-90 mg/cup
Café con leche 60-120 mg/cup
Egg coffee 60-90 mg/cup
Long black 95-200 mg
Espresso con panna 63 mg
Bicerin 128 mg
Caffè corretto 75-85 mg
Marocchino 64 mg
Yuenyeung 47 mg
Mirra 75-85 mg
Kopi 75-85 mg
Qishr 75-85 mg
Ipho white coffee 75-85 mg
Galão 75-85 mg
Oliang 75-85 mg
Mazagran 75-85 mg
Asiático 75-85 mg
Bica 75-85 mg
Kopi tubruk 75-85 mg
Café touba 75-85 mg
Espressino 65 mg
Koppi sanger 75-85 mg
Café con cheirinho 75-85 mg
Mustang coffee 75-85 mg
Espresso yen 75-85 mg
Ice shot 75-85 mg
Freddo espresso 102 mg
Freddo cappuccino 102 mg

Caffeine in Coffee Based on Brew Style

The table below gives a brief overview of the average amount of caffeine found in a cup of coffee brewed using the most popular methods in use today. This table is just the beginning.

Brew Method Caffeine Content (mg per 8 oz)
Drip brewing 80-120
Pour over 60-80
French press 80-120
Siphon 80-100
Espresso 30-50 (per 1 oz)
Moka pot 80-120
Turkish coffee 80-120
Cold brew 60-80
Nitro cold brew 60-80
Aeropress 60-80
Clever Dripper 60-80

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