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Are you a fan of English breakfast tea? Curious about the caffeine content of your favorite cuppa? In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the caffeine in PG Tips tea. From their classic blend to their decaf, and from green tea to herbal, we’ll dig into the data PG Tips teas and their caffeine content.

We’ll also compare it to other popular tea brands, so you can see where PG Tips stacks up against the teas you’re likely to find on supermarket shelves. So grab a cup of your favorite PG Tips and let’s get started.

Caffeine Content in PG Tips Tea

When it comes to caffeine content, not all teas are created equal – and that includes the different types of PG Tips tea. While a cup of the original PG Tips blend may give you a decent boost, decaffeinated and green varieties contain much less caffeine.

For example, a cup of original PG Tips black tea contains around 40 milligrams of caffeine, while a cup of decaffeinated PG Tips only contains about 2 milligrams. And for those who prefer green tea, a cup of PG Tips Green tea contains around 30 milligrams of caffeine. So, whether you’re sensitive to caffeine or just looking for a lower-caffeine option, PG Tips has got you covered with a wide variety of options to choose from with a range of different caffeine profiles.

Caffeine Content in Pg Tips Tea Vs Other Popular UK Tea Brands

When it comes to caffeine content, it’s important to have a benchmark to compare against. In the UK and Ireland, drinking umpteen cups of tea per day is a tradition that is part and parcel of the culture. As a result, there are numerous tea brands available in the market.

In the following table, we’ll compare the caffeine content of PG Tips tea with 10 of the most popular UK tea brands, including Twinings, Tetley, Yorkshire Tea, Lipton and Typhoo.

Brand Caffeine content (mg/cup)
PG Tips 40
Twinings 40
Tetley 43
Yorkshire Tea 46
Lipton 40
Whittard of Chelsea 40
Clipper 40
Bewley’s 40
Typhoo 40

As seen in the table above, all of the teas listed contain pretty much identical amounts of caffeine.

Caffeine in Different Types of PG Tips Tea

For those looking for a quick reference to compare caffeine levels in PG’s various teas, the table should give you a quick summary of the different levels in each.

PG Tips Tea Caffeine Content (mg/cup)
Black Tea 50
Green Tea 25
Decaf Tea 2
Pyramid Tea Bags 50
Lemon & Ginger 0
English Breakfast 50
Earl Grey 40
Peppermint 0

Caffeine Content of PG Tips vs Other Drinks

When it comes to comparing the caffeine content of PG Tips tea to the average caffeine content in other tea and coffee beverages, there are clear differences. PG Tips Black Tea contains 50mg of caffeine per cup, while the average caffeine content of other black teas ranges from 25-110mg. Similarly, PG Tips Green Tea contains 25mg of caffeine per cup, while the average caffeine content of other green teas ranges from 25-50mg. Knowing these levels of caffeine can help you choose the right beverage to suit your needs.

PG Tips Tea Caffeine Content (mg/cup) Average Caffeine Content for Others (mg/cup)
Black Tea 40 Coffee: 95-200mg
Green Tea 25 Energy Drinks: 80-300mg
Decaf Tea 0 Soda: 30-60mg

How Many Cups of PG Tips Can I Safely Consume Per Day?

When considering the daily recommended limit of 400mg of caffeine, it is clear that PG Tips tea fits within the allotted amount. PG Tips Black Tea contains 40mg of caffeine per cup, PG Tips Green Tea contains 25mg of caffeine per cup, and PG Tips Decaf Tea contains 0mg of caffeine per cup. With these levels of caffeine, it is easy to stay within the daily recommended limit and enjoy the benefits of tea without worrying about over-consuming caffeine. However, if you’re a tea-aholic and find yourself having 10 or more cups a day, make sure to know your limits.

About PG Tips

The PG tips story is one of humble beginnings. What started out as a small tea merchant in Manchester, England in the 1930s, has gone on to become one of the best known brands of tea in the world. Arthur Brooke, the brand’s founder, originally launched it as “Pre-Gest-Tee”. This was a short way of calling it a “pre-dinner digestive aid”. The company later rebranded as “PG Tips”, the household name we see on supermarket shelves around the world.

PG Tips popularity soared in the 1950s and 1960s with the launch of its iconic chimpanzee advertising campaign. In the UK, PG Tips maintains it’s position as a top seller in the tea market. With a commitment to high-quality tea blends, ethically sourced ingredients, and sustainability, the PG Tips brand continues to be a favorite among tea drinkers worldwide.


Q: Does PG Tips tea have more caffeine than coffee?

A: PG Tips tea has less caffeine than coffee. A cup of PG tips contains 40mg of caffeine while an average cup of coffee contains 80mg. Depending on the type of coffee and the brewing method, coffee can contain up to three times more caffeine than PG Tips tea.

Q: Is drinking PG Tips good for you?

A: Yes, drinking PG Tips tea is good for you. Tea is known to contain antioxidants that can help protect your body from disease and can also assist with hydration. However, it is important to note that most teas are caffeinated, so it is best to drink them in moderation.

Q: How much caffeine is in decaf PG Tips tea?

A: Decaf PG Tips contains around 2mg of caffeine per cup. While standard PG Tips tea contains around 40mg of caffeine per cup, decaffeinated PG Tips tea has been processed to remove the majority of the caffeine.

Q: Is PG Tips strong?

A: PG Tips tea is a strong black tea with a bold flavor. The strength of the tea varies depending on the the amount of time you leave your tea bag steeping, as well as the amount of water you add to the cup.

How Much Caffeine in PG Tips

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