How Much Caffeine in Stok Cold Brew

stok cold brew caffeine

Whether you’re in need of a caffeine boost to power through the day or just looking for something refreshing to cool off with, Stok Cold Brew is the perfect choice. This RTD (ready-to-drink) cold brew coffee is made with filtered water and natural flavorings, making it an easy way to enjoy deliciousness on the go. But just how much caffeine does this popular beverage contain? Let’s take a look at the caffeine content in Stok Cold Brew, explore its health effects and potential side effects, discuss low and no-caffeine alternatives, and find out where you can buy it—all while sampling some of its unique flavors!

Caffeine Content in Stok Cold Brew

The caffeine content of Stok varies by flavor. Here’s a breakdown of the amount per bottle:

Flavor Caffeine Level (mg)
Espresso Blend 195
Extra Bold 170
Unsweet 125
Not Too Sweet 130
Bright & Mellow 150
13ml Espresso Shots 40mg
Fueled Creamers 130

Here’s the full list of flavors including a few blasts from the past:

  • Stok Espresso Blend Cold Brew Coffee
  • Stok Extra Bold Cold Brew Coffee
  • Stok Un-sweet Cold Brew Coffee
  • Stok Not Too Sweet Cold Brew Coffee
  • Stok Bright & Mellow Cold Brew Coffee
  • Stok Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee
  • SToK Almondmilk Mocha Cold Brew (Discontinued)
  • SToK Protein Espresso (Discontinued)
  • SToK Oatmilk Latte Cold Brew (Discontinued)

In 2020, Stok Cold Brew unveiled Stok Fueled (1), a new range of products with added calories from protein, butter and MCT oil. The portfolio included a ready-to-drink cold brew coffee and three creamers, all of which were keto-friendly and provided 90 to 110 calories, 5 grams of protein and 5 grams of MCT oil per serving. However, the product line was pulled after gaining little traction in the market.

Stok Cold Brew Shots

Stok 13 ML Coffee Shots are single-serve shots of cold brew coffee. Designed to provide a quick and convenient way to get a boost of energy, each shot contains 13 ml of cold brew, which is added to water to make a single cup of coffee. The shots are made with filtered water and coffee, and are available in original and mocha flavors. Each Stok shot contains 40mg of caffeine.

Stok Cold Brew Ingredients

Stok cold brew has very few ingredients. Their espresso blend, extra bold, un-sweet and bright & mellow flavors are made with filtered water, coffee and natural flavorings. Their “not too sweet” flavor has some cane sugar to add a little sweetness to the drink.

Stok Cold Brew Sizes

Stok Cold Brew is sold in 48 oz multi-serve bottles. The Stok ready-to-drink bottles are 13.7 oz. The Fueled creamers were sold in 16 oz bottles.

Stok Cold Brew Caffeine vs Other Brands

Stok cold brew’s caffeine content ranges from 120mg – 195mg per serving. Unlike some of their competitors such as Chameleon cold brew coffee, their goal isn’t to make a supercharged drink. Their caffeine content sits somewhere in the middle, making it a good balanced option for those who put flavor and taste ahead of the kick behind a drink.

Stok cold brew coffee is not an exercise in over-caffeination— it’s about thoughtfully calibrating caffeine levels for bold-brewed energy. See the cold hard facts for yourself.
Drink Caffeine Content (mg) Serving Size
Stok Espresso Blend 195 12 fl oz
Stok Extra Bold 170 12 fl oz
Stok Unsweet 125 12 fl oz
Stok Not Too Sweet 130 12 fl oz
Stok Bright & Mellow 150 12 fl oz
Stok 13ml Espresso Shots 40 1 shot
Starbucks Cold Brew 205 16 fl oz
Chameleon Cold Brew 200 10 fl oz
Dunkin’ Donuts Cold Brew 174 16 fl oz
Stumptown Cold Brew 180 12 fl oz
Wandering Bear Cold Brew 150 12 fl oz
Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew 215 12 fl oz
Bizzy Cold Brew 180 12 fl oz
Chobani Cold Brew 270 12 fl oz

Where to Buy Stok Cold Brew Stok

Stok Cold Brew is available for purchase at a variety of retailers and online stores. In the US, it can be found in major supermarkets such as Walmart and Target, as well as convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Walgreens. It’s also sold on Amazon, Walmart and other online retailers in single bottles or multi-serve packs with discounts applied when buying in bulk.


How much caffeine is in 12 oz of SToK cold brew?

There is 195mg of caffeine in Stok cold brew. This is their espresso blend flavor. Each of the different flavors of Stok cold brew has different caffeine levels that range from 120mg per fluid ounce to 195mg per fluid ounce.

How much caffeine is in a bottle of SToK?

There is 195mg of caffeine in a bottle of Stok. The amount though varies from flavor to flavor. Their bright and mellow flavor has the least caffeine at 120mg per 12 oz, while their espresso blend is the most caffeinated with 195mg per 12 oz serving.

Is SToK cold brew strong?

Stok cold brew is strong. With 195mg of caffeine per serving, it is twice as caffeinated as a regular cold brew coffee that contains 95mg of caffeine. However, it is still far less strong than other brands such as Death Wish coffee and Chobani.

Is cold brew coffee higher in caffeine?

Cold brew coffee is higher in caffeine. This is because the coffee is brewed over longer periods of time, ranging from 8 to 24 hours. This long brewing process results in higher levels of caffeine being extracted from the coarsely ground coffee used to make it.

How Much Caffeine in Stok Cold Brew

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