How Much Caffeine is in Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

stumptown cold brew caffeine

In recent years, cold brew coffee has exploded in popularity. Originally reserved for coffee crazed hipsters, it has now reached the mainstream thanks to its smooth taste, low acidity and delicious, refreshing flavor. Cold brew uses a unique brewing process that gives it a totally different taste to that of regular coffee. While best on hot summer days, cold brew has now become a year round phenomenon.

Stumptown cold brew coffee is known for the quality of beans used, as well as the unique brewing process used to make it. It is a favorite choice among cold brew drinkers. In this article, we’re going to look at the caffeine in Stumptown cold brew and compare it to the caffeine content of other popular cold brew drinks.

What is Stumptown Cold Brew?

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee is a type of cold brew made by the Stumptown Roasters coffee company.
In order to make their famed cold brew, they take coffee grounds and soak them for an extended period of time in water that is somewhere between cold and room temperature. This process typically takes between 8 and 24 hours. After the grounds have been steeped for a set period of time, the coffee is strained to remove any lingering particles to ensure a fine-free brew.

You can find Stumptown Cold Brew in numerous locations throughout the United States. To start with you will find it in Stumptown coffee shops which can be found in several major cities including NYC, LA, Seattle and Portland, the home of the company.

It is also sold numerous grocery stores and at online retailers. So regardless of whether you shop at Whole Foods or Walmart, or prefer to buy online from Amazon, you’re bound to find a stockist that sells the cold brew by Stumptown roasters.

Stumptown’s journey has been about creating a coffee experience that surpasses all expectations

Duane Sorenson, Stumptown Coffee founder

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Caffeine Content

Stumptown Cold Brew offers a high caffeine content of 279 mg per 10.5 fluid oz. bottle. This translates to approximately 26.57 mg of caffeine per fluid oz. This is close to the top of the pile when it comes to high caffeine cold brew. The only one to top it on our list is Death Wish Coffee cold brew who are famed for their extremely caffeinated coffees.

However, if you like more of flavor profiles found in specialty coffee, the likes of Stumptown cold brew and Wandering Bear are much better options to avoid the harsher, darker tasting notes found in the likes of Death Wish.

Caffeine in Stumptown Cold Brew Vs Other Cold Brew Drinks

Cold Brew Coffee Caffeine Content (mg)
Stumptown Cold Brew 279 (10.5 fl oz bottle)
Starbucks Cold Brew 205 (16 fl oz)
Dunkin’ Donuts Cold Brew 260 (16 fl oz)
Blue Bottle Coffee Cold Brew 210 (per can)
Chameleon Cold Brew 230 (10 oz)
La Colombe Cold Brew 275 (per bottle)
Peet’s Cold Brew 250 (10.5 fl oz bottle)
Wandering Bear Extra Strong Cold Brew 150 (per 6 fl oz serving)
Death Wish Cold Brew 300 (8 oz can)
Grady’s Cold Brew 83 (4 oz serving)
Grady’s Decaf Cold Brew 3.4 (4 oz serving)

Stumptown is a Great Choice of Caffeinated Cold Brew

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee is an excellent choice for those seeking extra caffeine without sacrificing on taste with its 279 mg of caffeine per 10.5-ounce (310 ml) serving. While this amount is slightly higher than the average cup of cold brew coffee, it still pales in comparison to Death Wish Coffee cold brew which contain 300 mg per 8 ounces (240ml). Regardless whether you need a pick-me-up or simply want a great tasting beverage, Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee might be just what you’re looking for.


Does Stumptown coffee have caffeine?

Yes, Stumptown coffee contains caffeine. The amount of caffeine depends on the drink selected, the beans used, the brewing method and the brew time. The caffeine content of Stumptown drinks is shown on both their packaging and website. Even their decaf coffee contains caffeine.

Is cold brew coffee high in caffeine?

Generally, cold brew coffee has a higher caffeine content than regular brewed coffee because steeping it for an extended period of time extracts more caffeine from the beans. However, some brands reduce their caffeine levels by diluting their cold brew with water or milk before canning or bottling it.

How much caffeine is there in cold brew?

The average amount of caffeine in an 8-ounce (240 ml) cup of cold brew coffee is between 165 and 245 mg, which is slightly more than a regular brewed 8 ounce cup. However, the exact level will depend on things like the type of beans used, how long it was steeped for, and whether any water or milk has been added during preparation.

How much caffeine is in cold brew compared to espresso?

Espresso typically contains much more caffeine than cold brew. An 8-ounce (240 ml) cup of espresso can contain up to 80 mg of caffeine, while a shot (30ml/1 oz.) has approximately 62–70 mg. Ultimately, how much caffeine is in each depends on the type and amount of beans used as well as any other ingredients added during preparation.

How Much Caffeine is in Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

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